Cardboard Caribous & Artificial Trees

It’s ALBUM RELEASE TIME! Darren Eedens just finished up his 3 part album “Cardboard Caribous & Artificial Trees” and will be releasing it on September 1st. How should we celebrate you might ask? By having a party! On September 1st at Clinton’s Tavern, Darren and some other friends will be having a CD release party and … Continue reading

Take a submarine dive with The Eels

One thing that would have made last night’s show at Lee’s Palace even better would have been it taking place in some form of body of water as both band names suggest. First up was The Submarines. A very cute duo and the singer was decked out in an interesting dress reminiscent of Wednesday Addams. … Continue reading

Toronto Underground Cinema had an “Out of the Box” way to spend your weekend

For those of us who didn’t have the time, or funds to go to Osheaga (or whatever other reason you were still in Toronto), Out of the Box Music & Arts Festival presented us with a very interesting way of enjoying our weekend. Thanks to our friends over at Sticky Magazine I was given a few passes … Continue reading

First Heavy TO was a great success

Much to the dislike of all the “haters” out there as some signs I saw, I thought that ALL of the bands at Heavy TO this year were perfect for the line up. Yes, that means Billy Talent as well. After a day and a half of too much sun, not enough sun screen, too … Continue reading

Toronto is about to get HEAVY

This weekend up at Downsview park, some of the most metal-“riff”ic bands will be descending upon us. Headlined by Rob Zombie and Megadeath. We are also getting to see the likes of Slayer, Billy Talent, ANTHRAX and so on. With weekend passes going at $125 dollars, or $72.50 a day, you’ll be getting well worth your … Continue reading

Growling Woods make for a sweaty good time

Last week I got a chance to check out Growling Woods at The Painted Lady. I can describe this project as none other than a sweaty gritty heavy down and dirty almost blue grass inspired…amount of awesome. Yes, I understand it’s not much of a description but all the more reason to see this project that … Continue reading

Sxip Shirey’s Kickstarter

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Kickstarter, it’s a funding platform for creative projects around the world where you can get involved and donate towards helping an artist fulfill a creative achievement. Currently, one of my favourite artists, Sxip Shirey has a kickstarter going on right now. It’s going strong, but he definitely needs … Continue reading

The Ascot Royals ‘Fly Away’ in a new direction

The Ascot Royals have been going through so many changes over the last while and they just keep coming. After adding a new guitarist, Tal, to the roster, months after they added our very favourite Smilin’ Sam to the drums, the boys did some other upkeep as well. They recently had their website, and logo, overhauled … Continue reading

Panic! ensued at this Fun and Foxy Disco show

Have you ever gone to shows just to see the opening act? Recently, this seems to be my agenda. I went to the Panic! at the Disco concert at the Sound Academy on Sunday with Foxy Shazam in mind the entire time. Arriving early hoping to beat the line I was met with a sea … Continue reading

“British Partyboys” premier new guitarist at The Corktown

A few days ago I was alerted to the fact that The Ascot Royals would be playing a secret show of sorts at The Corktown here in Hamilton to premier their new guitarist. Checking the page for The Corktown on Facebook to see who else was playing showed something interesting: British Partyboys. This had to … Continue reading