Acacia Christensen

Head Writer/Editor In Chief

Acacia runs this site with the help of many of her music loving friends and doesn’t know what she’d do without music. If you want anything covered go to the contact page and use any of those methods to contact her.

Favourite Shows: Gorillaz/Sweet Thing/Jason Webley

John McKnight


John is currently the only other writer for Strength Through Music at this time. Originally it was a one person project but we thought bringing more love of music and even more coverage to shows is definitely a good thing. He is also a fabulous photographer who is just starting to break into the concert scene.

Favourite Shows:

Rachel Lee Tentcher


Rachel Lee was the first photographer we had here and she does a lot of the shows for us, including photo only reviews. Entire albums are posted on our facebook fan page since flickr and posts only hold so much.

Favourite Shows:

Krissy Myers


When not busy working in her studio for A La Carte Photography Krissy joins us at shows sometimes and brings a different flare behind the lens.

Favourite Shows:


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