My name is Acacia Christensen and I am a Toronto local, massive audiophile and music is my life blood. Currently freelance writing for several sites including We Nom Music and Halfway Between Here and There (based out of Sudbury). I also intern at a music PR company and have the ultimate goal in working within the music industry.

Most nights you can find me out at local shows in Toronto, front and center dancing. Apart from that I’m always busy promoting artists, and writing reviews and listening to music at home and wherever I go.

My ultimate goal with Strength Through Music is to bring awesome to your ears. Help  show off how wonderful the Toronto Music Scene is.

I want to disclose I cover bands from EVERYWHERE. Not just Canadian artists, and I also cover shows that occur outside of Toronto if I can make my way to them. I’m definitely never opposed to making a road trip for music. ❤ (But we do love our home based artists and you may notice I cover some of the same artists multiple times. That’s just because they are FANTASTIC!)

All of the photo work is done by friends of mine who also love music. I try and ask the photographer who I think will enjoy the show and music the most and ask them to come along with me and cover the show. So if you’re ever interested in shooting with me as well, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll see what I can set up.

Happy listening!


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