Review: The Heavy Dream – Under The Golden Sun 7″

FFO: The Beatles, Teenage Fanclub

Genre Guess: Psychedelic roots rock infused indie pop.




The Heavy Dream indeed.

As I brainstorm my thoughts on “Under the Golden Sun,” I am typing words like “lush,” “gorgeous,” and “glowing.” The truth is it’s more than that. When I first listened to this release, I was traveling through rural Eastern Ontario. Having just gone through a very emotional weekend, I was hoping to get some writing done. On the Greyhound Bus (balla), I slid on some headphones. And what did I hear but the sounds of the turning leaves, the crisp air, the sun peering through the clouds in late October. I listened to these songs on repeat for (I kid you not) two hours in a row. They are staggeringly beautiful and original, as well as musically and lyrically rich.

The A-Side (Under The Golden Sun) launches into a satisfying and unexpected acoustic pop verse after an introduction that leaves you swimming. And am I ever glad they take you there and back throughout. Both playful and uplifting, this track plays with your expectations and delivers interesting left-turn musical interjections from all members of the group. A snare snap, a lead guitar squeal, a sudden jump into the depths of a shimmering bridge. What makes it work is that it sounds totally organic and effortless. Completely graceful and proficiently executed.

The B-Side (Rachel’s Garden) starts out as a sparse and moody psych-folk track. It then grows into a bittersweet proggy rock jam, complete with hypnotic rhythms and melody. The more it grows, the more interesting it becomes. “Double vision always comes to me; Could you be the one to set me free?” while drums drop in and out amidst swirling guitar work. It ends suddenly in a fizzle of lingering noise, an apt conclusion for such a trip.

It is a perfect execution of the format, which scores it extra points. Concise and with huge impact. It left me wishing I had more to explore.

– André


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