Get up and ATOM and turn up the Volume!

There’s a new band hitting the scene and they are a whole whack of quirky electric fun. Atom & The Volumes mixes upbeat jams with a youthful, garage rock rawness. Experimenting with levels of feedback and reverb sets a backdrop of kinetic tension – making the music move. Bouncy guitar riffs and Borins’ bright vocals push a boyish hopefulness through some of the dirtier electric grooves. With diverse influences from psychedelic rock to indie-electronic, Atom and the Volume’s high-energy performances embody a cool lightheartedness that keeps audiences dancing along. The group features Bradley Snider of Never Ending White Lights on keyboard and guitar, Michael Grundy on drums, Gabe Kugelmass on bass with Marc on guitar and lead vocals.

They just played a big show at The Peacok for Indie Week 2011 and I have to say I adored their set wholeheartedly. While promoting the show as Marc does best they went and did an acoustic session for Tranquilizer Radio and you can check some of the few songs they did here: 

If you want to catch their full on electric goodness soon you have the chance! They will be playing on November 1st at The Horseshoe Tavern for NuMusic Nite! So come out and rock with us!

Don’t forget to follow them on twitter

And facebook:

Oh and you can give them a good old listen on sound cloud too


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