Polaris Picks

We all have our opinions, even those who claim not to until stakes they enjoy are put onto it, but at yesterdays indie blogger brunch we all voiced our opinion on who they thought would win tonight’s Polaris Prize.

There’s the obvious assumption that we are all making in regards to Arcade Fire potentially winning. They already snagged a Grammy a Juno AND a Brit Award this year, why wouldn’t they win Polaris? A lot of people are expressing a form of upset if they win, but I personally own and love their album and everything they’ve done to date.

I think that this years short list is the most varied I’ve seen in a while with Ron Sexsmith coming out of nowhere and The Weeknd being the first to ever be nominated off of a free mix tape.

Personally? My vote is in for Destroyer. Something about that album no matter how many times I revisit it, it just cries out to be the best album of the year hands down. I take a while before I go out and buy an album and they were one of the first shows I covered this year and I bought the vinyl right a the show. It gets a listen once a week at least.

I don’t think there is anything on the list that will surprise me if they win. Austra and Hey! Rosetta are other front runners for me, but with the love the Timbre Timber got from CBC Radio 3 this year they have a fighting chance as well.

This year I won’t be at the gala doing any live coverage but I will be kicking back at the Drake for the screening. Make sure to head out, doors are at 715pm and it’s only $10.

Who do you think will win or who do you want to win?


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