Paper Lions go Pop!

PEI’s own Paper Lions are back in Toronto for quite a treat. The Supermarket in Kensington hosts a weekly series entitled “Wednesdays Go Pop” and coming off the back of a successful 2 month residency with Dwayne Gretzky at The Dakota Tavern our friends over at Young Lions Music Club have set up a September full of wonderment at a new venue.

Every Wednesday for the month of September, Paper Lions will be headlining for Wednesdays Go Pop!

Though each is certain to be unpredictable, three things are for sure:

1. Every Wednesday will feature Paper Lions at 10pm and some really great bands sharing the stage
2. Every Wednesday will be a high energy, sweaty rock n’ roll jamboree
3. Every Wednesday will be $5

September 7
Allie Hughes –
Nick Rose –

September 14
Dwayne Gretzky –
Gavin Slate –

September 21
Green Go –
Petty Victories –

September 28
Lou Canon –


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