Take a submarine dive with The Eels

One thing that would have made last night’s show at Lee’s Palace even better would have been it taking place in some form of body of water as both band names suggest.

First up was The Submarines. A very cute duo and the singer was decked out in an interesting dress reminiscent of Wednesday Addams. I was immediately taken by the fact that she played both a glockenspiel and a melodica on top of the acoustic guitar. As a two guitar duo they used a laptop for their drum tracks. Of all of their tracks my favourite was “1940” which had really strong deep vocals and only one guitar.

The main attraction that we were all there for was The Eels. Much to my enjoyment they did play as a full 7 piece band, beards and all. And trust me, without the beards I do feel that some of the magic would be lost. Having started the set with my favourite song of theirs “Flyswatter”, they set the tone. Their lighting was as stunning as the sound was and they were completely on point. The first half of the set was VERY slow but then “E” decided to tell everyone that he was sorry and thought they were playing a show in New Mexico in February but now since it has been brought to his attention that they are in fact playing a summer show in Toronto that they should pick it up a notch. After playing for well over an hour, the band left and came out for an encore of 2 songs. Just as I thought the night was ending after their encore, they did the one thing I can’t stand and came back out for a SECOND encore, but I’m glad they did. The strongest songs in the set were the last two hands down. Having gone in only knowing a few songs by The Eels and not sure what to expect I would definitely go back again.


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