“British Partyboys” premier new guitarist at The Corktown

A few days ago I was alerted to the fact that The Ascot Royals would be playing a secret show of sorts at The Corktown here in Hamilton to premier their new guitarist. Checking the page for The Corktown on Facebook to see who else was playing showed something interesting: British Partyboys. This had to be them incognito.

The Ascot Royals live @ The Corktown

First impressions of The Ascot Royals’ new guitarist, Tal, are positive. As an accomplished musician who has the ability to play many different genres of music, he seems to be a natural fit. For people who’ve never seen The Ascot Royals previously would most likely get the impression that he’s been with them from the very beginning; he’s that good a fit.

The Ascot Royals live @ The Corktown

The Ascot Royals are playing a pair of upcoming festivals in the Southern Ontario area. Seriously, go see them. We at Strength Through Music highly recommend this. The first festival is Hockeyfest on June 5th followed by the Burlington Sound of Music Festival on June 18th.

The Ascot Royals, Corktown parking lot


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