Sweet Thing bring a Change of Seasons to Y108 Spring Music Festival

As always I would never pass up a chance to see Sweet Thing play so I took a trip down to Hamilton for Y108’s Spring Music Festival at The Underground. Finally after a long time of them touring with Down With Webster it was nice to see them headline a show again.

I got the chance to chat with Tyler Kyte (drummer) and Alex Winter (guitarist) before the show. Having just finished up a long tour with Down With Webster they got a chance to play some larger venues including Massey Hall during CMW which Alex said was like a total dream come true. They also let me know that it was a bit of a shocker going back to more intimate 19+ venues again after playing sold out shows to audiences that consisted of primarily younger girls. Obviously this didn’t take too long to get used to as they’ve played a wide variety of venues over their past few years. Their first show after the tour was a Musebox showcase at Pianos in NYC and they described that the room they played to couldn’t have been any larger than the dressing room that I interviewed them in. It was there that they met up with indie folk band The Elwins and became good buddies with them. After that was SXSW and they got to play some smaller rowdier shows, and then a larger one with Buck 65 for the Canadian Blast showcase. Now that they are done touring and the summer is approaching there are a fair amount of festivals coming up for them to play, as well as just fooling around in the studio and trying out some new stuff. Not to say that their album isn’t done it’s full tour yet. Having just been released last fall and still playing heavy everywhere. They got the single “Change of Seasons” as the theme song to Hollywood Blockbuster Easy A, as well as 3 music videos having been released. The most recent music video “Lazy Susan” was directed by Morgan Waters (bassist) and has been getting great response. One of the more interesting things is across Canada different parts of the country have different songs of theirs being pumped on the radio. So out west, Spider, even though it isn’t one of the radio singles, is a huge radio hit and that song is more fun to play along with at the shows where everyone knows it.

When Sweet Thing took the stage much later that evening there were a lot of skeptical fans of other bands in the audience who only waited seconds before stepping closer to the stage and dancing like mad. To throw a nice loop and an interesting change to the set that devoted fans, like myself, are used to the boys decided to switch up how they played “Dance Mother”, it was a lot quieter and downbeat compared to the version on the album that we all know and love. Owen was all dressed up with a fancy white jacket, which didn’t take long before it was too hot to wear and it got lost on stage somewhere, and all of the guys had on socks and shoes that my photographer had to get snaps of.

Going through the motions of songs we love, it never gets old hearing and seeing them live. It’s an experience and a half…times many more. Only a few songs in they actually played my favourite song of theirs “Permanent Honeymoon”. It’s not on any album, and they only started playing it live around the time of their album release party, and only at select shows. It tickles me pink everytime I hear it. It’s also a nice change to see Tyler come out from behind the drumkit and hear everyone harmonize, also to watch Morgan dance around with a tambourine instead of play the bass.

Another one of my favourite parts of the shows is where they seamlessly slip in from one song to the next when they go from “Lorraine” a love song about a dental hygenist into “Duotang” which is definitely the most punk rock song on the album. Although I only really describe it as that because it’s the easiest to scream along to and skank to as well.

They ended up playing most of their songs on their album, and introducing some bizarre dwarf hunter song that Tyler seemingly made up on the spot. They only ended up leaving out “We’re on Fire Tonight” and “Gun”. It was one of the more high energy shows I’ve been to in a long time, and having been the 6th band on for the evening they definitely drained us of energy and made the drive home seem super long. But well worth it since we blasted music from 3 of the bands we heard that night in the car to keep up the energy.

If you want to get a taste of Sweet Thing again soon, they will be playing tomorrow at 4:30pm near the CN Tower and Rogers Centre as part of the Victoria Day Weekend festivities for FREE. Come check it out.

Photos courtesy of Rachel Lee Tentcher. See full set on our facebook page.


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