World/Inferno Frienship Society set to burn up Lee’s Palace

World/Inferno Friendship Society will be making their first Canadian trip to Lee’s Palace in Toronto on Monday May 16th and before they got here I got a chance to talk with Jack Terricloth and ask him some questions.

How did you come up with the name World/Inferno Friendship Society?

We didn’t come up with it.  It was whispered to us by the ghosts of 1979 New Jersey Punk Rockers who went straight.  Trendy fuckers!

What’s it like having a band that is constantly changing members with such a wide collective?

It’s like having a wonderful lover whose grandfather invented the BMW jet engine and has a taste for adventurous undergarments.

What excites you most about coming to Canada to play a show?

To hear our guitarist Francis Moran speak French in Montréal and to hopefully meet his new nephew.

Who is one of your personal musical idols?

Just one? How about a few?  Billie Holiday, Leonard Cohen and Joe Strummer.

Most unusual place you’ve ever played?

Rock camp for girls Raleigh Durham North Carolina- Ten in the morning, no one in the room over age 9.  Disney World was weird too but most bands do that.  Barn in the middle of a field run by generator in the former DDR springs to mind. Beach front in Italy on the veranda of an abandoned hotel.  There is really nothing usual about this outfit so it’s hard to say.

Favourite song of all time?

“Momma cried when Frank Sinatra died” by Truck Stop Honeymoon.

Best band you’ve opened for?

TV Smith from the Adverts.

Best band that’s opened for you?

“My Graveyard Jaw” our old friend Stix the Clown’s band from the old N.O.

Favourite border to cross?

All borders are porous for cats.

Lastly I want to ask for music you listen to on tour versus music you listen to at home!

Home – Morning/Noon/Night

Benny Goodman/The Subhumans/Steve Earle

On Tour – Morning/Noon/Night

What ever our Merch Lady Gena Pants has on her portable listening device.  She seems to have had a good time in the 80’s.

So with interview answers as quirky as that you can be they are going to put on a fantastic show and what better way to welcome them to their first show in Canada than a packed house at Lee’s. Afterwards they will be playin gin Montreal on the 18th at Club Lambi!


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