A Primitive Evolution goes acoustic…with your help

I got the rare chance to see local wonder A Primitive Evolution perform an acoustic set for Canadian Music Week this year. They set up in the Indie Love Radio suite and a hard yet interesting change from their normal fare they played acoustic renditions of many of their songs. Definitely something worth being heard.

Now unless you were tuned into Indie Love Radio, chances are you didn’t get to hear their set. Now you have the chance. This is short and sweet but they are currently doing a pledge campaign to help fund their studio time so they can release this album. If you pledge? You get to hear it first. And to top it off? 20% of your pledge goes to Shelter Box.

They will be documenting the process with video, MP3, and photo updates to the artists area of the page as the project progresses. Also? They want you to help them name the record. WHen you check out the incentives section you will be able to select a package that will allow you to submit a name for the record and when the album is said and done they will pick their favourite name from all submitted and of course give you credit for it. Check out their pledge page!

If you want to hear A.P.E even sooner? Don’t fret. You can catch them tomorrow night for FREE at the Hideout on Queen Street west. They will be playing with other artists and doors are at 10 but they aren’t on until midnight so be prepared to get your party on. Following that they have another show at the Rockpile Friday night. $10 for All Ages, cheaper for those of you who are 19+ and since it’s out there in Etobicoke you get free parking with your ticket. All the information is up on their facebook page so go go go.

I’ll be checking out their set at the Hideout tomorrow, hope to see you there.


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