Now you have your chance to go to Prom all over again…

Plot Lines. Drag Queens. (Fake) Murder. Suffice it to say, the Allie Hughes live experience isn’t what one might call a traditional pop/rock show. But it’s definitely well worth attending. Having first seen her perform as the opening act at Sweet Thing‘s album release party at the Mod Club, I’ve seen her several times in different settings and now finally I have a chance to see her full live show. You should take that chance too.

In true envelope pushing fashion Allie Hughe’s Prom Queen Dream promises to be the perfect marriage of live music and performance art; a slightly askew fantasy of an outcast girl’s dream night come true- complete with big name special guests as plot characters (including Gentleman Reg as her prom date and members of Sweet Thing as a the prom band) and even bigger surprises. There is full encouragement for fan involvement; anyone showing up in proper prom attire is assured discounted (or even free) entry.

This spectacular live music event will be on Saturday May 14, 2011 at the El Mocambo, and costs just $7 at the door. And as previously mentioned, even less with prom attire. Why pass up a chance to dress up AND get in cheap to a concert? I know I’ll be decked out.

Hope to see you in your crazy costumes there!


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