Stalker songs never made me want to fall in love so badly

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Allie Hughes perform 4 times now. Three times for Canadian Music week and I can’t tell you how much I’d love to see her Wedding in it’s entirety. For those of you who haven’t heard of the girl that NOW Magazine and other local publications have been raving about and comparing her to a more “literate Lady Gaga”, you’re missing out. Allie Hughes has recently been staging her own wedding as a spectacle to watch on stage. She gets left by would be husband Chad and then sings very haunting almost stalkerish songs about it, such as “Oh Chad!”

Allie is a very well trained singer, versed in theatre and actually teaches vocal at the Toronto Institute for Enjoyment of Music which is where I got to see the first of her two sets. At TIFEM we got the chance to enjoy a more acoustic set as opposed to the larger spectacle involving violins and costumes.

The other two sets were at the Sneaky Dee’s party hosted by The Musebox which was a great hit, and Fred Penner was apparently there to see the set. The last set of the weekend I saw was her Saturday set at the Ballroom for The Musebox hosted industry party.

We were sadly not able to get many photos of her sets due to camera issues but you should definitely check out the songs she did for the Live Near Bellwoods CMW set.


Photos courtesy of Rachel Lee Tentcher. Fan us on Facebook and view the rest of the photos from the set there.


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