Darrelle London served us a delicious Edible Word Parade

Throughout the mess of bad surprises I got during Canadian Music Week, sometimes there were little hidden gems that I wasn’t expecting. Darrelle London was definitely one of those hidden gems. Playing the closing party at the Hard Luck Bar for Canadian Music Week, I was actually out to see my good friends from Modernboys Moderngirls who were on later that evening. Darrelle came out and surprised me with some of the cutest songs I have ever heard.

I make a note to try and pay as much attention at a show as possible and not be connected on my digital devices, but I did tweet quite frequently during her show expressing how much I loved it. Unfortunately Darrelle started out with some bad sound problems, but that’s no surprise coming from the Hard Luck Bar. She powered through them and told us cute little stories between sets. Some of the stories were specifically about the song itself, others were a little more detailed but it was like this girl was singing my innermost thoughts in the happiest of ways.

Two of my favourites were songs about a really bad first date and a song about what it’s like to date a musician. I was particularly interested in the second one since I am a musician and I’ve dated them before and it’s an interesting life for sure.

At one point her violinist sat down and strummed his violin like a ukulele and Darelle got up from the keys to actually play the ukulele. A lot of the crowd who were there for all the other rock/punk bands were enamoured by her set and I’m sure would love to see her again.

I was unable to catch when her next show was but she does have an album out called “Edible Word Parade” and I think everyone should go take a listen and pick up a copy if you can.



Photos courtesy of Rachel Lee Tentcher. Fan us on Facebook and see the rest of the set there.


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