Secret Broadcast play stellar CMW Show

I got a chance to catch up with Matt Lightstone and Keith Heppler of Secret Broadcast last night before their absolutely stellar Canadian Music Week set for a chat about the upcoming show and more.


Last year Matt moved over to Toronto from Calgary bringing his music with him and looking for someone to work with him and actually was connect to Keith by a member of The Ascot Royals who I also love so much. The show last night was at Clinton’s and Keith actually informed me that this is where they had their first band “date” to celebrate getting together.


So it was in the end a great venue for them to debut 4 new songs. They also had a surprise string section consisting of Katrina and Nina on violin and cello to provide accompaniment for most of the songs. Keith also equated the debuting of their new tracks and busting out the string section to losing your virginity on prom night, “you know it’s gonna happen.”


The new songs were Neon Love, Los Angeles, Don’t Feed The Crows and Raygun. They were right mid-set and had the audience dancing and enjoying the show, I’m really looking forward to hearing these songs again and hope they make it onto the album that Matt and Keith are actually currently working full force on recording. No name yet, although there was a teasing Charlie Sheen reference for the working title as a joke when I asked.


Added in the surprises of the night section they actually had Jeff of The Fast Romantics guest appear on bass for the evening and he rocked it and helped complete their line up for the night. There was also a “dance contest” during the new songs in which Matt was going to give one lucky audience member a french tickler, which looked like a tiny little match box package.


Ending off the set with two very familiar songs. They played Out of Control which I posted in my recent review of their album here. Everyone was singing along, and I even kept singing the song after leaving the venue. And an even more familiar song for those who aren’t too familiar with Secret Broadcast as of yet was a cover of Nirvana’s “Breed”.


All in all a really strong set in a what was actually supposed to be the “Korean Kollective” showcase, but since Clinton’s cancelled the Friday and Saturday night showcases for CMW they got moved earlier and I think they made a bunch of new fans that night. Including this previous fan who got to leave with a t-shirt and a great set of photos.

Check out the full set of photos from the show here. Courtesy of Rachel Lee Tentcher. (This was cross posted between the blogs because I’d like all the CMW coverage in one spot ❤ And these boys deserve double love because they’re awesome).


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