It was very nice to MICHOU

Stefan of MICHOU stands up from the drumkit to sing along with the rest of the group

I definitely headed to MICHOU’s showcase at the El Mocambo for Canadian Music Week on Wednesday night for two reasons. The first being that they were playing before Behind Sapphire. The second being curiousity in regards to the fact that these boys won the Verge Music Awards “Artist of the Year” and $25,000. I think that second reason is enough to peak anyone’s interest, and they were playing in such a convenient location already. I ultimately ended up changing my Wednesday schedule to stay at this showcase the entire evening and it was amazingly worth it.

They opened with their very catchy song “Missing Me Now” and the voice that came out of Michael was nothing like what I would have expected. Soft, sweet and boyish, but in the best of ways like a lot of very famous indie pop bands that I’ve been listening to over the last few years. What really struck me most in this song was Sasha’s energy. The trumpet just makes this song, and his energy was fantastic. He was a good food or so from the microphone and you could still hear him belting out just as loud, if not louder, than the rest of the band. As the evening went over he was dancing the most, clapping not necessarily for the audience to clap along but just because it went with the song. He also danced against the wall, hitting it with his hands to the beat. Maybe more dancing because of the constraint of having static instruments that didn’t have to move with him like the piano. Definitely a treat to watch.

They really meshed well with their instruments and the audience seemed to love them. I believe a lot of the audience were unsuspecting of what they were going to get being there to see Eric Hutchinson, but in the end they definitely seemed to enjoy the show as much as the band enjoyed playing it. At one point the rest of the band did get up off their instruments to sing along with Michael, really nice 4 part harmonies that showed off the bands extreme musical talent and made me want to sing along. I didn’t know the words, but next time I may.

What I ultimately loved about watching them, apart from how amazing they sound live, was how much they seemed to really enjoy playing their respective instruments and making music. Whenever they weren’t singing they were armed with giant grins, and still looked just as ecstatic belting out their notes. Each getting into their own groove on their instrument, Stefan whipping his hair back and forth while he played the drums until he ultimately ended up tying it back to keep it out of his face. Ryan getting into a really good bass groove, and singing along great harmonies with almost every single song. I love how the focus isn’t lost on just one person. MICHOU was so interesting that you want to watch the entire group as a whole. I personally can’t wait to see them play again. Sadly these boys don’t call Toronto home, but they will be back sometime this summer for a free show that I will definitely keep you all posted until then. If you can’t wait until the summer (which you shouldn’t), they will be playing in Hamilton, ON at Absinthe on April 2nd alongside one of my personal favourites The Ascot Royals. Make sure to come check it out and understand why the bands slogan is “It’s Nice to MICHOU” because I can guarantee you’ll want to say that to them after the show


Photos courtesy of Rachel Lee Tentcher. Check out the rest of the pictures from the set here.


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