Behind Sapphire has broken arms, but not broken tunes

I was really really blessed and got to see Behind Sapphire play two sets during Canadian Music Week this year. A real treat considering the lot are from all the way out in Vancouver. Even more so we are all lucky that Grant (lead vocalist of Behind Sapphire) is a total trooper. A few days before the show Grant and the rest of the group were playing a game of dodgeball and in his dedication to the game he broke his arm trying to break his fall. Thankfully he’s alright, and also that he doesn’t play any two detrimental two handed instruments such as the drums, etc. Being right handed he showed his skill by playing the trumpet one handed with his left hand. The only thing missing was the glockenspiel portion of their song “Christmas Nigh” which Lindsay thankfully played during their acoustic set for the “Live Near Bellwoods” sessions that were put on at the Toronto Institute for Enjoyment of Music by The Musebox.

Behind Sapphire were left with a not so favourable slot during their show at the El Mocambo. They played at Midnight on a Wednesday immediately following the headliner. Thankfully we had some dedicated fans, some curious girls, artists from all the other bands, and some folk from the earlier set who were interested enough to stay. Most of the people who were in the audience up front dancing, and the rest were clapping along and had giant smiles on their faces.

I think what caught the audiences grasp second to Grant’s voice and the bands ultimate energy was when the band pulled out dismembered teddy bears. When they were in Ottawa they had purchased a bunch of teddy bears, cut out the faces, pulled out the stuffing, and wore them as hats. Most of them had fallen off throughout the set because of all their dancing. And the next day at the TIFEM showcase Brayden (bassist) decided to sport his still, saving a bit of a laugh for the audience there as well.

The two audiences were vastly different, but everyone sang and clapped along when they had the chance. The TIFEM set was much more intimate with most of the crowd sitting cross legged at full attention on the floor and with the exception of the bass, it was an acoustic set. At both shows Matthew took a break from being on the guitar and sat down at the piano and played “Oh My, What A Fine Day” which is actually being used in the namesake for their current cross country tour. Sadly this was their last Toronto show, but there are going to be a few more shows in Southern Ontario before they start to make the trek back out west. I have a feeling they’ll be back soon and I’ll be there with bells on.

Photos courtesy of Rachel Lee Tentcher. See the complete set of pictures from their show here.


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